What is Inner Harmony?

                                                                                            By Brad Bell

        One important concept is inner harmony.  What is inner harmony?   Below is one possible definition of inner harmony.

Inner Harmony Definition:

Inner harmony is a feeling of peace of mind that involves self-acceptance, acceptance of one's life in general, and acceptance of the past.

       An element of inner harmony in the above definition is self-acceptance.  What is self-acceptance?   Self-acceptance is being able to accept who you are.  An important element of the definition of self-acceptance may involve being able to accept your weaknesses.  You can accept that you are just average on some attributes. If you accept yourself, you do not set unrealistic goals for yourself.  If you are just an average student, you would not expect to receive a Ph.D.  You would not expect your novel to be accepted by a major publisher if you are only an average writer.
       Another element of inner harmony is acceptance of the past.  If you accept the past, you do not have significant regret about the past.  If you accept the past, you don't often reflect on how your life might have been better.