What Is Intuition?
                                                                                                 By Brad Bell

         Intuition is an important concept.  It is a concept in psychology, and it also can be considered a concept that is common knowledge.   Intuition may be involved in making some decisions.  Thus, it is important to define intuition.  What is intuition?   Below is one definition of intuition:

Intuition Definition: 

Intuition can be defined as the feeling of knowing something without being able to explain the basis of the feeling

         The above definition suggests that intuition is a feeling that you have about something, but you don't know how to explain why you feel that way.   For example, imagine that you just had an interview for a job, and you have a negative feeling about the company.  You have a strong feeling that you may be unhappy working for the company.  You cannot explain or rationalize this feeling.  You decide to not accept the job offer based on intuition.