What Is a Utopian Novel?
                                                       By Brad Bell

        Many people enjoy reading novels.  There may be a number of different types of novels.  One type of novel is a utopian novel.  It is important to define utopian novel.   What is a utopian novel?   Below is one definition of a utopian novel.

Utopian Novel Definition:

A utopian novel involves a description of a fictitious society or community that is considered to be ideal.

Characteristics of Utopia:

        In order to have a better understanding of the utopian novel, it would be important to consider some basic characteristics of utopia.   Although there may be a number of diverse ideas in utopian writings, there may be some common factors.  These can be viewed as ideal values.  Some of these ideal values may include unity, harmony, communal living, and equality. 

Utopian Novel Example:

         What may be considered ideal or perfect is subjective, and thus there may be a number of different views on what is perfect or ideal.  Nonetheless, one example of a novel that may be considered utopian is Walden Two  by B. F. Skinner.  Walden Two involves a description of a community that can be considered to be ideal.

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