What is Off the Wall?

                                                            By Brad Bell

            What is off the wall?   Off the wall is concept that may be characterized as a type of humor and a mode of thinking.  Off the wall thinking may be a type of creative thinking.  Below is one definition of off the wall.

Off the Wall Definition:

Off the wall is a description of something that reflects unconventional thinking.  It may be odd, absurd, or bizarre.  

Off the Wall Examples:

          To gain a better understanding of the concept of off the wall, it would be important to consider examples.  Examples of off the wall may include humorous examples and examples in fiction.  In this article, I provide an example of each.

          Humorous Example:  Here is a hypothetical off-the-wall humor example.  Imagine that a cat owner sees her cat on the roof and states, “I guess my cat wanted to get a good view of the sunset.”

         Fiction Example:  One example in fiction is my science fiction novel, A Bright Purple Sky.   In A Bright Purple Sky (Bell, 2019), explorers from Earth learned that the sky on the planet Tranzeeka had been blue, but one day it inexplicacly turned purple.  After the sky turned purple, the Tranzeekan society became more peaceful, just, and kind.


Bell, B.  (2019).  A bright purple sky.  Portland, Oregon:  Blue Fox Communications.