What Is Personal Growth?

                                                                                                    By Brad Bell

         What is personal growth?  Personal growth can be considered a concept relevant to some subfields of psychology, such as humanistic psychology.  There may be a number of definitions of personal growth.  Below is one definition of personal growth:

Personal Growth Definition:

Personal growth can be defined as any type of self-improvement.  It may involve the developing of new skills, gaining self-knowledge, or a positive change in one’s personality. 

          Some positive changes in personality may allow a person to cope more effectively with adversity, to solve personal problems, or to achieve greater happiness and perceived meaning in life.  For example, a person may become more optimistic, which may motivate the person to make an effort to achieve important goals.  It may also result in being able to find meaning in adversity.     
          What is self-knowledge?  It is important to gain an understanding of the definition of self-knowledge.  Self-knowledge can be defined as the knowledge that a person has about himself or herself (e.g., personality traits).  Self-knowledge may involve understanding one’s values.  A better understanding of one’s values may help to achieve greater happiness and perceived meaning in life.